Saturday, July 30, 2011

Team 8: Urban Transplant

The notions of the multilayered design we have uncovered in the process of making, designing and working as a team are found in the sensitive idea of transplanting what we find lacking in the site: soul.

The contextual situation of our site, our finding of the site, and the very restriction of not being able to work with the grassy ground have pushed our design. We aim to demonstrate the artificial nature of the site [literally not grounded, and situated above water] by responding with a suspended weed garden. The plants are hanging from a structure that speaks with the pylons in the water on the edge. A clear visual connection is achieved by mimicking their grid and slight tilts as well as the outfit of the white caps.
Urban transplant is aiming to install a dynamic, responsive [and subversive] urban micro ecology.
Over time is is expected that the weeds and the cardboard structure will disintegrate and colonize the space and the surroundings. The colonizing agents will spread through wind and human/ animal interaction. We thereby create a second nature of an unknown future colonization which will generate new form and urban design based on the ideas of sustainable systems.

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