Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Final Hour. (48 minutes actually..)

Urban Graft.
The process is coming to a close, and we seem to be the only team successfully completed due to the other participants running frantically with ladders and plastic bags (what could they be building?) Maybe it's because we are the only team that worked all through the night on site.

Miskom, our own dream team of varied designers, landscape architects, artists, producers and media relations pro's, have managed to pull together a magnificent structure that embodies all that we dreamed and hoped of three days ago, and more.
The dream? Was easy. Sustainability. Ecology. Tactile. Beauty. The results? All and more. Our objective from everyone collectively, was that all would contribute and work on the design together. It has been a work of process, based on time and time in the end being a form of art that built our Urban Graft. Our ability to work together, and learn from each other, from our differentiating skills and minds, has also contributed to our structure of urban reality.

Our graft, built of mostly recycled materials, due to our ability to make the most of our highly dense area of construction, has managed to fufill the brief in all. The stitched together bandaged skin that is healing the inner shell of nature, surreal reality, and the consumable lifestyle of the harbour town site. The value of plants hanging from their roots, in a landscape bound to fail, and a house that is far from the serious, contributes to the site of the sick amusement corner, and the site that appears to be a deadened of humble values. However, just behind there is a piece of beauty in the Mooney Ponds Creek, with the reminiscent of the original wetlands of the docklands site. Bringing nature back into its place, and creating a site of reflection, peace, free and a place of play we have in all contributed to our collective ethos, concept and brief.

Photo gallery to illustrate our process coming next!

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